Reblog if you are a OLD mahomie!

Like if you are a NEW mahomie!


He’s made it so far… :’)

Guys, listen to this “Say Somethin” remix by Chuck Threezy. It’s insanely good! :)

To be honest…

If you’re leaving Austin because he “changed”, or because he doesn’t care about us anymore; I’m actually glad you’re leaving this fan base.

Austin hasn’t changed. He’s stayed humble through out all of this. He even says himself that this feels like a dream everyday. Then again, he’s still hanging out with the crew, and his mom as well. You still see him doing Keeks, posting Instagram pictures, opening fan mail, ect. He came back to San Antonio for a while over 4th of July week. He’s still the same Austin, he’s just getting big. Like he’s always wanted.

He tells us, almost everyday that he loves us and cares about us. WE ARE HIS WORLD. How do you not understand that? He goes to radio stations, meet and greets, concerts, ect. just for US. He works in the studio 24/7 for his album, most likely, coming out at the end of the year. Now, you can’t sit there and tell me that he doesn’t care about us when clearly we are 95% of what he thinks about.

He doesn’t do Ustreams anymore? No, he does them when he has the time. What were you thinking? That he was going to be the 14-15 year old who sings in his room forever? No. he has talent. He needs to be known. Whether you like it or not, he’s living his dream.

Why is he so attractive.

Hollister model, anyone? Haha #MyEdit